Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An old man once told me

Make more than costs.
Use wisdom to filter people, businesses and ideas.
Think long term.
Know when to cut losses and sunk costs.
Learn how to say no in a polite way.
Put yourself in the other person's shoes.
Learn the written and unwritten rules of the game you are playing.
Be honest with yourself.
Ask yourself whether you control the power, money, information and/ or relationship.
Think of all the possible risks first.
Don't be greedy.
See the world for what it is.
Forgive, but don't forget.
There are always options.
Follow the flow.
Trust your intuition.
There are times when you have contradictory thoughts, learn to make a decision based on the situation.
Learn to control your temper.
Follow the actions, follow the money.
Be punctual.
Listen 100 times more than talking.
Observe with your eyes, heart and mind.
Be humble because pride comes before a fall.
Work hard and smart in the direction of increasing happiness.
Use time wisely.
When you are down, remember who are your true friends.
Remember the people who tell you what you need to hear.
Learn to be yourself in all situations.
Preserve a balance.
Take care of what you eat, drink and breathe.
Exercise regularly.
Learn about trends.
Trust and verify.
There are times when everything seems out of control. Remember S.O.S. S for Stop, O for Organize, S for Securing resources.
Help the people around you become great.


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