Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Links to Interviews with Chen Siqi, FriendsForSale, Co-founder of Serious Business

Hi all,
This was the article I took a lot of ideas from for my seminar discussion. In fact, reading it will actually answer a lot of the questions behind the assignment.

Technical difficulties in scaling are important
Actually, I will disagree with Ji Wei's and Wang Chen's comments about the lack of technical difficulty involved in scaling an application. The majority of the difficult problems encountered at the start by the founders of FriendsForSale were scalability issues. I'm still not so convinced that cloud computing would be a viable solution as the costs might be prohibitive for a advertising supported application. Anyway, I think it's difficult because I don't understand most of the technical terms used for balancing the server load and demands.

Models for copying the methodology for generating hits like FriendsForSale
I actually wanted to cover this in my presentation, but I ran out of time. I would just like to emphasize the 3 criteria that Siqi described, which are Social, Engaging and Universal. If you read the article, it will describe in more detail why these 3 characteristics are important.

This article is also with Siqi, but it focuses more on the business development and talent problem.

Enjoy =)